California Marquee is an Underwriters Laboratories approved sign fabricator, specializing in design, build, and custom sign fabrication. With state of the art equipment, our skilled, talented fabricators take great care to ensure your project is delivered on time and to specification.


California Marquee’s team of engineers give every client the advantage and security of any project. Our team of engineers range from civil to electrical to network. Our team will devise the most effective approach that will satisfy the designer’s vision, the city code parameters, unique site conditions, and the client’s budget.

Licenses and Permits

California Marquee understands the difficulty of understanding every city’s code. We have over 100+ city business licenses and over thirty years experience in city codes.


Our talented design team works hand-in-hand with our salespersons and project managers to ensure your ideas are conveyed and represented in the final design of your signage. We take great care to provide the attention, detail and creativity required to meet your expectations and vision.


We never want our clients to believe after the sign is installed, that we won’t be there to assist them anymore. We will always send our own techs in a promptly matter to take care of any issues with the sign.